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Henry VIII wants a divorce

60 second histories

This video covers:  Henry VIII's own account of his divorce and breaking with Rome - part one

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I married Catherine of Aragon on the eleventh of June in the year of our lord fifteen and nine, and I must admit the first fifteen years of our marriage did please me greatly, not only did she make me very happy but she often assisted me with political advice. In fact, when I had to travel to war in France, it was Catherine who governed England in my absence, and what happened? Her armies only went and defeated the Scots at the Battle of Flodden, why she even presented to me the bloodied coat of King James of Scotland that he wore when he was killed during the fighting. So why you might ask would I want to divorce my loving wife, it is simple really, she has failed, failed in her duty as queen by being unable to give me a son. Out of six babies born only one survives a daughter, Mary, and now my queen is worn out and old before her time. I need a son to carry on the Tudor name and be the next King.
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