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How the Saxons arrived

60 second histories

This history video covers:  how the Anglo Saxons originated from Germania and travelled to England with the Roman legions and stayed even after the Romans left.

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I’m a Saxon Warrior called a Thegn. I serve King Athelstan as his bodyguard. Many regard King Athelstan, not just as the king of England but also as the first King of all of Briton. But have you ever wondered where we Saxons came from? Originally we were from the north of Germania, it was my fore fathers who came here with the Roman legions many years ago. My ancestors were good horsemen and rode as cavalry for the Roman army, they had served all over the Roman Empire but liked England the best. Think about it, no lions, no wolves, no scorpions here, what’s not to like! So when the Romans left England, the Celts asked us Saxons to stay and fight for them, so we stayed. We invited our relatives to join us here and eventually we took over the land and organised things. We built new settlements and as Christians, we built churches and laid down new laws.
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