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The Indian Mutiny of 1857 – part 1

60 second histories

This video covers: A look at one of the main causes of the mutiny being the bullet cartridges issued by the British to the Indian troops being greased with pork & beef fat which was against their religious beliefs.

What is often called the Indian Mutiny of eighteen fifty-seven was more like a rebellion against the East India Company by disgruntled Indian soldiers. One of the most popular reasons given for the mutiny is that the British had issued its Indian troops with bullet cartridges greased either with pork or beef fat which was against the religious belief of the Indian soldiers to eat, but which they would have to do when they bit off the end of the cartridge with their teeth. There were other reasons too, the early East India Company officers had served very closely with their Indian soldiers, they could speak their language and had earned the respect of the men by fighting alongside them. But over years and as the company expanded the newer officers began to spend very little time with the men, they couldn’t speak their language and treated the Indian soldiers with indifference. This lead to many Indian troops becoming disgruntled and harbouring hatred for these British officers as well as the East India Company which was slowly taking over India. The British had plenty of warnings about the mutiny but very little was done to prevent it.
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