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The Indian Mutiny of 1857 – part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:   The death of Mangal Pandey, the start of the mutiny in Meerut and the massacre at Cawnpore

One incident just before the Mutiny broke out was when a young Indian soldier called Mangal Pandey killed two European officers then turned his musket on himself but only wounded himself. He was put on trial, found guilty of murder and hanged. With the death of Mangal Pandey his name became a rallying cry for the mutineers. The actual Mutiny broke out in Meerut on the tenth of May eighteen fifty seven. Indian troops serving with the East India company released eighty five prisoners who had been soldiers and refused to use the contaminated cartridges. Once released they set fire to buildings and fled to Delhi where the mutiny spread. What followed was a year of bloodshed. At Cawnpore on the twenty seventh of June over two hundred British women and children were hacked to death by butchers from the town and thrown down a well. Enraged by this atrocity the British took bloody revenge and eventually regained control. It is interesting to note though that not all of India mutinied and that the majority of Indian troops remained loyal to the British and fought against the mutineers, greatly assisting the British in regaining control of India.
British Empire
British Empire
Indian Mutiny 1857
Red Coat Soldier - India
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