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Interview With A Stone Age Boy

60 second histories

A brilliant film made by My Epic Era 2018 winner Luca Marotta (age 7).  With his classmate Temur as the interviewer, the film answers some of the questions you might like to ask someone from the Stone Age.

Interviewer: Hi Rocco. Tell me, what’s it like to live in the Stone Age? What do you do when your father goes hunting? Rocco Stone: I stay with my mum and gather wild fruits, berries, honey, roots and water plants. Interviewer: What animals does your dad hunt? Rocco Stone: He hunts bison, reindeer and birds. We’ve learned to farm, so now we keep pigs, cows and sheep, and grow wheat. Interviewer: Do you have a pet? Rocco Stone: Yes, I have a dog. Wild dogs were tamed from wolves and now they’re our pets. Interviewer: Have you ever seen a woolly mammoth? Rocco Stone: No, they became extinct ten thousand years ago. Interviewer: What is your house like? Rocco Stone: I live in a village in a longhouse made of stones, mud and wood, but my ancestors used to live in caves and huts Interviewer: How do you make tools? Rocco Stone: Toolmakers make tools from flintstones and attach them to wood. Interviewer: How do you make your clothes? Rocco Stone: We use animal hides, we brush them until they’re soft, then cut them into shapes using stones. Interviewer: What arts and crafts to you do? Rocco Stone: We make paints with charcoal, crushed stones, plants and animal fat and then draw pictures of animals and hunting scenes on rock walls and caves. Interviewer: Thank you very much.
Stone age
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Stone age, neolithic, monolithic, woolly mammoth, stone tools, Paleolithic, KS1, key stage 1, primary,