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Introduction to the Romans

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the Roman Empire and the countries it spanned such as Germany or Germania, France or Gallia and Britain which used to be known as Albion.

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Welcome, or should I say “salve” which is Roman for hello. Rome as you might know is the capital city of Italy, but at one time, over two thousand years ago it was the capital of a great empire, the Roman Empire. Although Rome was at the centre of the Empire, many other countries had been conquered by the Romans and had become part of their empire. There was France, which was known as Gallia and Britain, which used to be known as Albion until the Romans gave it a new name, Britannia. Germany was another country the Romans conquered. There were so many countries that made up the Roman Empire they were all around the Mediterranean Sea. Have a look at the map here and see if you can spot any of them. Imagine how difficult it must have been to get all of those different countries with different languages to do as they were told and be obedient to Rome, well the Roman army had at one time as many as four hundred and fifty thousand soldiers in its ranks. Imagine that!
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