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Joseph Bazalgette; early career

60 second histories

This video covers:  Bazalgette's life before beginning work on the London sewers.

I was lucky to escape the main outbreaks of cholera by moving to Northern Ireland where I worked on projects for land drainage and land reclamation. I returned to London in eighteen forty two when I set myself up in practice as a private consultant engineer near parliament in Westminster. Not long after that I married and then began work for the expanding railways, but that unfortunately led to a bit of a breakdown, so I took some time off and retired for a while to the countryside. It was while I was recovering that the well-known reformer Edwin Chadwick ordered thousands of cesspits to be closed in London. This meant that all the waste was instead flushed into the Thames and therefore the drinking water of the capital, which resulted in another out break of cholera, this time it killed over fourteen thousand Londoners. I returned to London in the midst of that outbreak in eighteen forty-nine and was appointed Assistant Surveyor to the Metropolitan Commission of Sewers.
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