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The King is dead

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the funeral of King Henry VII, and his successor King Henry VIII's, promise to marry Catherine of Aragon and keep the alliance with Spain

Well, when old King Henry the seventh died, there were those who rejoiced because he had ruled with an iron hand and put many a nose out of joint so to speak. Young Henry was proclaimed King straight away and without a hitch we were all set for the reign of Henry the eighth. Now as for the funeral of the old king, so much money was spent just to lay his old bones to rest. The poor man had lain in state for over three weeks before he was finally buried in Westminster Abbey next to his wife Elizabeth of York. Ooo, he must have smelled awful. Now the young King Henry had agreed to his dying father’s wish that he should marry his brother’s widow and keep the alliance with Spain whole. So after the funeral, preparations began for the coronation and wedding of Henry VIII. True to his word Henry married Catherine of Aragon on the eleventh of June, fifteen o nine and they shared a joint coronation. I hope it will be a happy union for them both
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Will Somers
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