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A legionary's clothing

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the basic clothing worn by a legionary using latin names such as bracae for the trousers and caligae for the sandals. 

A legionary wears basic clothes under his armour and equipment; as you can see I just have a tunic with short trousers called bracae both made from woollen cloth and a scarf around my neck to match. My belt is called a cingulum and attached to it is my dagger; it’s called a pugio. On my feet I’m wearing sandals. Look, the sole is made of leather and has iron studs on it, this gives me grip when I’m marching and also prevents the sandal wearing out too soon, these sandals are called caligae, I have to look after these as I’m only issued with three pairs a year. If I’m posted overseas to a colder climate I’m allowed to wear boots that fasten down the front, which would help to keep my feet warm and dry. To finish off I also have a cloak to help protect me from bad weather and this also doubles as a blanket to help keep me warm at night. Oh and of course you mustn’t forget my underwear, it’s called subligaculum, here let me show you.
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