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Lindisfarne a Viking's view - part 1

60 second histories

This video covers -  A Viking's account of their raid on Lindisfarne monastery, explaining how they had watched and planned their raid.

The monastery at Lindisfarne was a perfect place for us to raid. Situated off the coast of Northumbria it was an island really, only accessible from the mainland at low tide. We decided to attack at high tide so no one could come to the aid of the monks who lived there. We had been watching the monastery for a long time so we knew how many men were inside and working there. We knew which buildings were the most important, you know, the ones where all the gold and silver was kept. We planned it well. Every warrior had his task. The crew was split, some stayed with our long ship to ensure it was it ready to sail, the rest joined us on the raid. I know most people think we just sailed across the North Sea and landed at Lindisfarne, but that wasn’t the case. We had sailed down from the Shetland Islands and landed just up the coast from the monastery, watching and waiting for the conditions to be right. Waiting for our adventure to begin, oh and what an adventure it was!
Viking raider
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