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Lindisfarne a Viking's view - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:  The terrible raid on Lindisfarne monastery and how violent the Vikings were towards the monks, it shows how those they didn't kill, they took as slaves as well as all the treasure and valuables they could find.

We came from the sea so steady and quiet and then sounded our war horns just as we hit the beach. Everyone would have seen the dragon’s head mounted on the prow of our ship; we could see the monks just standing there, frozen in fear. In no time at all, we set down our ramps and our men ran ashore. We killed the first monk we saw with an axe, which terrified those who looked on. We charged at them yelling our war cries and the monks ran screaming like women. We killed the older monks and any that tried to resist us with a simple blow of the axe or a swipe of the sword. It was the job of some of our men to round up the younger monks and bind them; these were led back to our ship to be sold as slaves. This allowed the rest of us to begin our search for the treasure. It took no time at all; we were soon loaded down with treasure and made our way off the island before the turning tide.
Viking raider
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