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60 second histories

This video covers:  

A description of an archer, the clothes he wears and weapons he uses such as the longbow, archers pick and falchion

As a bowman serving the king, I wear a simple open-faced helmet called a sallet. My clothes consist of a doublet and hose and on top of this I’m wearing an archer’s jack, which is padded for protection and lined with chainmail. I also have a mail collar to protect my neck and shoulders. I’m wearing some good long leather boots and around my waist is a leather belt with a purse for my money, this heavy-duty knife called an archer’s pick and hand axe. On the other side of the belt I carry a small lightweight sword called a falchion. Now as a bowman I don’t fight alone, I am part of a company of bowmen and as their captain, I watch out for orders from my lord and we shoot as we’re directed or as I see fit but when we engage in hand to hand combat, we discard our bows and use our falchions fighting in small groups of around twelve men, each supporting the other.
Uniforms & Equipment
Medieval longbowman
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