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Lorica segmentata

60 second histories

The video covers:

A description of the armour called lorica segmentata or 'segmented' armour which is heavier and more uncomfortable but offers better protection, it's even arrowproof

The armour I am wearing here is called lorica segmentata. I can tell you, it’s not the most comfortable armour I have ever worn. The word Lorica is the Roman word for armour do you recognise the second word? What word do you use today that is similar? Yes you have it, segment. As you can see this armour is made up of iron segments held together with leather straps and bronze fittings, these fittings aren’t the best and they do break and wear out often which makes this kind of armour difficult to maintain, but I must tell you that as armour goes it does offer me the best protection, it’s even arrow proof! I can move around in this armour, but not as freely as I’d like. The best thing I can do as a legionary is make sure that I maintain my lorica segmentata to the best of my ability, clean it and polish it and then oil it with olive oil to make sure that all the parts move as they should, after all, I don’t want squeaky armour.
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