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Louis Pasteur; proving his germ theory

60 second histories

This video covers:  A brief explanation as to how Pasteur proved his germ theory.

One problem we scientists had was that we didn’t really know where germs came from. Many thought that germs were caused by bad air or miasma while others thought they were created by decay itself. My theory however was that germs float in the air, they are airborne, but to prove this I needed to conduct some experiments. So, I took two flasks of liquid and heated the liquid in the first flask to kill any off any germs and to make it sterile. I then sealed the flask and removed all the air from it so that no germs could grow. In the second flask, ordinary air was left inside with the liquid. After some time I tested them both to discover that in the second flask, germs had grown as normal, but in the first flask, the sterile one, no bacteria had grown and do you know what? That flask is still sterile to this day! I had proven my theory.
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