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Off to market

60 second histories

This video covers: Explores all the things to see and do on a busy trip to market. 


I really enjoy going to the agora, you know, the open air market, especially as I don’t take the wife with me. No, the agora is men’s business. It’s here that we meet up and have a good old natter about things that matter, but first I have to set up my stall ‘cos today I’ll be selling eggs, cheese and olives. I set off when it’s dark to arrive at sunrise and be ready for the early trade, this helps to keep my cheeses cool and fresh. Hopefully I can sell everything and then have a look at the town notice board to catch up on all the news and local politics and see who’s been to court and that kind of thing. I also need to buy some fresh fish today and want to look around the craft stalls to see if I can find a jug to replace the one I broke. Then finally, before going home, I’ll stop at the temple to make an offering to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Well, you have to keep in with the gods don’t you.
Ancient Greece
Farming & Food
Greek farmer
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