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Mary Seacole; the British Hotel

60 second histories

This video covers:  How Mary Seacole built the British Hotel at Kadikoi in the Crimea to tend to the needs of sick and convalescing officers.

On arrival at Balaclava I made sure that my stores were secure, I then began to gather the materials I would need to build my hotel. The problem was, there were no proper materials available, so I had to salvage metal and wood in order to build it. I found a site for the building at a place called Kadikoi, which was between Balaclava and the British camp at Sevastopol. We used everything from packing crates to drift wood to build the hotel; we even found some glass doors and window frames in a local village and we hired local men to help us build it. Eventually the British Hotel was opened in March eighteen fifty five. An early visitor to our establishment was Alexis Soyer, a notable French chef who had travelled to the Crimea to help improve the diet of the British soldiers; it was he who advised me to sell food and drink to the soldiers.
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