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Mary Seacole; her travels

60 second histories

This video covers:  Mary Seacole's travels and her decision to volunteer as a nurse in the Crimea.

While I was in Panama, treating the sick, I carried out an autopsy on the body of a young orphan child who had succumbed to the cholera, and gained some decidedly useful new knowledge into the disease. During my time there I also built a restaurant to feed the many travellers passing through, we called it the British Hotel. When I moved back to Jamaica in eighteen fifty three there was an outbreak of yellow fever and I was asked by the military authorities to go to Up Park Camp and help tend to the sick soldiers there. I did my best but there was little I could do to lessen the severity of the epidemic. When I learned about the escalation of the war with Russia in the Crimea, I decided that I would travel to England and volunteer as a nurse. On arrival in England I attempted to join the second contingent of nurses travelling out to the Crimea but I was met with refusal from the War Office, so I resolved to travel to the Crimea at my own expense.
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