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Masters of the Sea

60 second histories

This video covers:  Why Norsemen were considered to be the finest sailors in the world; using their navigation skills both day and night on sailing on sea on river.

We Norsemen are the finest sailors in the world, and I should know, I have sailed most of it. There is nothing finer than standing at the prow of your ship, to you land people the prow is the front of the ship. Now where was I, oh yes, standing at the prow of your ship as you ride the waves across the sea. We are sensible and try to sail close to land, wherever possible, so as not to get lost but I am lucky I have an excellent navigator who uses the stars to find our way at night. In the daytime, if we do lose sight of land, the wave patterns can tell us which way the tide is flowing and if we sight sea birds, that tells us we are close to land. We don’t always sail on the sea, often we sail along rivers to raid further inland. Wide, deep rivers allow us to use our square sail, but if the river is shallow and not very wide we use our oars and row our way inland.
Viking raider
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