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Maya Building techniques

60 second histories

This video covers: A description of the Maya building techniques and the tools they used

As we understand things, the ancient Maya builders didn’t have metal tools so it would have made it very difficult to cut and shape stone, but then, if you had never had metal tools you wouldn’t miss them would you? Well the Maya stonemasons had their own special tools for cutting and shaping stone that were just as hard as our metal tools, but made from a stone called jadeite, which is a very hard and durable material. They made tools such as hammers and chisels but also gauges for measuring, axes for felling trees and tools for farming such as hoes. Many of the Maya tools are the same shape as our modern tools and seemed to have been used in the same way except they were using them a long time before we did. The Maya also used volcanic glass called obsidian to make cutting blades, which were very sharp indeed. So, with very good tools, skill and knowledge the Maya craftsmen built their pyramids and temples.
Ancient Maya
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