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Mrs Pankhurst – marriage

60 second histories

This video covers:  Emmeline's marriage and early life in the Suffragist movement

I smile when I think back to how my parents encouraged me to prepare for marriage, how to be a humble wife and housekeeper. They even sent me to school in Paris to prepare me for such a life but thankfully my choice of husband couldn’t have been better. He was twenty four years my senior but that didn’t matter, Richard Pankhurst was a barrister at law and was well-known for his support of women’s right to vote. Richard supported my activities outside the home; and even employed a maid to look after the house and assist in caring for our five children. His support was most appreciated, especially when I founded and became heavily involved the Women’s Franchise League which advocated suffrage for both married and unmarried women. In case you are not familiar with the word suffrage it means having the right to vote. I campaigned for suffrage for all women even though many did not believe married women needed it, as they had a husband who would vote on their behalf!
20th Century
Suffragette Movement
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Suffragette Movement
Emmeline Pankhurst
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