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Mummification - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:

The second part of the mummification, which explains the symbolism of the amulets and magic charms that are included as well as the pharaoh’s mask.

We Egyptians believe that after we die, if we’ve been good, we’ll make a journey into another world called the afterlife, where we will lead a new life. Therefore it’s important for us to know that the spirits of our great pharaohs are well prepared for that journey. So, as I wrap linen bandages around the body, I add amulets and magic charms between the layers to bring good luck. A heart scarab amulet is placed right over the heart, where our intelligence lies, and this ensures the heart isn’t removed. The scarab beetle is magically born from a ball of dung and therefore it’s a symbol of re-birth. Personal jewellery can also be placed between the layers, then finally we cover the head with a special mask that shows the face of the pharaoh. These masks are often made from gold, so together with the jewels it makes the mummies very valuable and this is why, to protect them, we place them inside a tomb or pyramid to keep them safe from tomb robbers.
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