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Munitions worker - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of life in a munitions factory; the danger, the accidents, the camaraderie and of course, the gossip

You know I never considered the little pellets of explosive we handle were dangerous, even though I know that one slip means it would be curtains for us all but it doesn’t really bothered us. Of course accidents do happen; one girl here lost her eyes when she made a mistake but apart from that we’ve had no serious explosions like some of the other factories. The camaraderie is good here you know; we always rally around if any of the girls lose their menfolk at the front or at sea. We do what we can to cheer them up and help them through their grief. The work helps keep their mind occupied and the singing and our sense of humour, ooh and the gossip that goes on. Mind you it was gossip that got us into trouble recently after an inspection reported we spent far too much time gossiping in the toilets! Ha, cheek! They reckoned that spending too much time in an unhealthy place like the loo is bad for our health and counterproductive so as a result they’ve introduced a system where you have to have a ticket to go to the loo. I ask you a ticket to pee!
20th Century
WW1 munitions worker
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