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Munitions worker - part 3

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the practicality of getting to the shops when, as a munitions worker, you work such long hours and of course there was never much on the shelves due to rationing

One thing I find difficult is getting food, you see we work such long hours that getting to the shop isn’t easy. Once I’d had no milk for over seven days, and when I did manage to get to the shop before it closed I asked for some milk, but because of rationing all he could say was that unless I was expecting a baby I couldn’t have any. Then when I finally got to the butchers all he had was something that looked like a cat, I said to him “That looks like a cat” and he said “It is.“ I didn’t have any, just went hungry. I know how important my work is so I’m never late or take time off, apart from when my husband came home on leave. Six days was all he had and two of them was taken up with travelling. What a state he was in; my old mother wouldn’t let him in until we had washed all the mud and filth off of him. Well his leave soon went and he’s back at the front now, but at least I will be able to get milk without any problem.
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WW1 munitions worker
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