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Munitions worker - part 4

60 second histories

This video covers:  This is a lighthearted poem of the time about rationing and the introduction of a ticket system to go to the loo

It’s outrageous you know restricting us to when and for how long we can go to the loo. One of our girls has written a poem about the whole thing, it’s entitled “All tickets Please!” Hurrah for old England, the land of the free We all have tickets for butter, for sugar, for tea; Also tickets for breakfast, for pudding and dinner, You can take it for granted- the word of a sinner. We have now reached the limit, I’m sure you’ll agree When I tell you we’ve got tickets to P> When the wars at an end, and they’ve done with making shells, And our Tommie’s return from the Trenches like swells, And the Kaiser is hanged on a sour apple tree With his lunatic son, we shall go on a spree; But Tommie will swear and I think you’ll agree- Should he find we’ve been forced to have tickets to P. Dear friends to a close I must now bring this rhyme, As I’ve wasted enough of your valuable time; We shall stick to our work till this blooming war’s o’er And then I expect you will want us no more, But while we remain we shall never agree To the order that WE MUST have tickets to P!
20th Century
WW1 munitions worker
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