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Norse women

60 second histories

This video covers:  What every-day life was like for a Norse woman and the many chores they had to carry out; some were lucky enough to have a slave to help them.

Life can be hard work for Norse women, especially when our men are away on a raid or a voyage. We don’t have much time to ourselves because we’re so busy looking after homes as well as the farm. Our days are filled with looking after the children, the sick and the old; we cook, clean and wash clothes, and so on. We bake our own bread as well and we use the milk we get from our goats to churn and make into cheese. I must admit though, I do like to sit down sometimes with the other wives and have a good natter while we’re spinning and weaving wool. Well, clothes don’t make themselves do they? I know I’m luckier than most because my husband brought me a slave back from Greece, so she helps a lot. She tells me she was married back home but her husband used to beat her. Humph, I wouldn’t stand for it, if my husband beat me I would hit him back and divorce him, but thankfully we Norse women choose our own husbands and I chose well. I have a good man who works hard for us, that is, when he’s here.
Domestic Life
Norse woman
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