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Olympic Games - women in the games

60 second histories

This video covers:  Women's involvement in the Olympic Games and their own Heraia games.

We Greeks all come together during the games, sacred truces are formed and wars are put on hold. The games are held fairly and the athletes are expected to have high standards, if they’re found cheating, they’re fined and the money is put towards a statue of Zeus. I say that the Olympics are fair, well that’s true if you’re a man, you can do anything! But we women can’t compete in the games, at least not with the men, although we do now have our own games festival at Olympia called the Heraia but only unmarried women are allowed to compete in that and married women can’t even watch the games! Well anyhow we’ve at last found a way of competing in the Olympics, not directly you understand but as the owner of a horse or team of horses and chariot for the equestrian events, and I’m very proud to tell you my name is Belistiche and it was my chariot and horses that won the very first ever Olympic horse and chariot race. Ha ha should have seen the look on the faces of the men.
Ancient Greece
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