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A Parliamentarian

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the causes of the Civil War from a Parliamentarian's point of view, including the ship taxes and the King's expensive lifestyle.

I never did trust the King especially when he imposed that ship tax on us! Expecting all in the land to pay taxes to build ships for the navy, now if we were at war fine but we were not so the King had no need of the extra ships anyhow many believed that he was only raising extra tax to spend on his paintings and that wife of his Henrietta Maria. I mean even the MP John Hampden went to court about it but lost his case because they said “Whatever the King said has force of law solely because it came from the King”. It doesn’t matter a jot what the rest of us thought about it. Our preacher, a puritan, believed it was the influence of the church of Rome that made the King into some kind of tyrant and that they operated through the Kings French Catholic wife. I don’t think the King was bad, I am sure he had our interests at heart, but I think he was lead onto a bad path by his wife and evil advisers.
17th Century
English Civil War
Civil War
Parliamentarian soldier
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