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A pikeman

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the armour worn by pikemen during the English Civil War, it also shows his main weapon, the long pike and explains how it was used.

I’m a soldier in the service of Parliament, a gentleman of pike. As you can see I am well protected with armour, that consists of a back and breastplate and has these tassets which protect the upper part of my legs. I have a sword, which is goodly enough, not to long so it doesn’t get in the way, it is called a hanger. Upon my head I have a good strong pot that is called a morrion. My main weapon is a pike. The way you use the pike is to posture it like so to the order, then the shoulder, but when facing the enemy the pike must be charged either at an angle like this or if you’re advancing on the enemy, you hold it straight. Amongst us pike men you’ll often find musketeers who take shelter from the enemy whilst they reload and fire, and we often protect them from the enemy horse.
17th Century
English Civil War
Uniforms & Equipment
Civil War
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