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Pilgrimage of Grace - part 2

60 second histories

This video covers:  A brief description of the riots in the north and retribution  

Would you believe it, with the New Year came new trouble? It began in February of this year, fifteen thirty seven, a rebellion in the north west of England in Cumbria and Westmorland led by none other than Sir Francis Bigod. There were others of noble birth involved, but thankfully the Duke of Norfolk acted quickly to put down this rebellion. The King was furious; he called them false traitors and rebels saying they were full of wretched and devilish intent. The King’s retribution was swift. He had all the ring leaders arrested and put on trial, most were found guilty and executed. Over two hundred and fifty of the rebels were hanged including monks; the ringleaders were hung drawn and quartered. Do you know that even a woman, the wife of Sir John Bulmer was burned at the stake for her part in the rebellion? Shame really, a pretty woman. Now with all the leaders dead the way is clear for me to move on to the bigger abbeys and monasteries.
The Reformation
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The Reformation
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Thomas Cromwell
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