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Prince Rupert

60 second histories

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A description of the flamboyant cavalier Prince Rupert who was not only commander of the King's cavalry but also his nephew

Prince Rupert of the Rhine, commander of the King’s Cavalry at the Battle of Edge Hill was in fact the Kings nephew. He was only twenty two at the time of Edge Hill and he embodied the image of the Cavalier with his long hair, good looks and flamboyant dress, but beneath this veneer of youth was a well trained, hard and experienced soldier, who had seen service in the Dutch army. He was captured at the battle of Lemgo in sixteen thirty eight and imprisoned for three years. During his captivity he spent much of his time studying military history and even after his release he continued to study in Vienna so that by sixteen forty two he was, in his own right, a very competent officer. This all went to make him a natural leader and therefore a good choice to command the Royalist Cavalry. It was in Vienna he was given a pet toy poodle called Boy, which was killed at the battle of Marsden Moor in sixteen forty four, much to the sorrow of Prince Rupert.
17th Century
English Civil War
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