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Protest, Arrest and Prison

60 second histories

This video covers:  The protest made by the WSPU after the suffrage bill was filibustered in 1905 and the arrest of Christabel and Emmiline Pankhurst. 

It was on the twelfth of May nineteen o five after a bill for women’s suffrage was filibustered or should I say, deliberately obstructed. In response, I, together with members of the WSPU, began a protest outside the parliament building. We made such a racket demanding the passage of the suffrage bill that the police were forced to move us away from the building. Later I made a speech to members stating we were at last recognised as a political party; we were now in the swim of politics and were a force to be reckoned with. It wasn’t long before my daughters also became active in the WSPU; Christabel was first to be arrested, for spitting at a policeman during a meeting of the Liberal party in October nineteen o five. Adel and Sylvia were arrested the following year during a protest outside Parliament. I was first arrested in February, nineteen o eight when I tried to enter parliament to deliver a protest resolution to the Prime Minister. I was charged with obstruction and was sentenced to six weeks in prison.
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Suffragette Movement
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