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Pyramid town

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of Pyramid Town, that grew up beside the Pyramids of Giza.  We take a look at where the workers and their families lived and also what they ate. 

Pyramid Town is enormous; thousands of people live here. As well as houses and barracks for the workers, there are paved streets with drains and an industrial area. We also have bakeries and a fish processing plant for smoking fish, and of course we have our own cemetery. We eat pretty well here; we have ducks, sheep, and pigs and we even have beef. We let most of our animals live and graze amongst our houses and buildings, but the beef cattle have to be brought in to town from the rich farming land of the River Nile. The land all along the Nile is very fertile and farmers provide the town with crops to feed everyone. The people who travel to Pyramid Town to work have often come from very small communities and find themselves suddenly living in a huge town. There’s always a large turnover of people working on the pyramids but by the time they return home they will have learned new skills and will be much more outward looking.
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