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An explanation of what a pyramid is, their purpose being to house the bodies of dead pharaohs and their various shapes and designs.

Our pyramids are built as a tomb, to house the bodies of dead pharaohs to keep them safe in the afterlife. They’re huge structures. The traditional shape of a pyramid has a square bottom and four straight triangular sides which lead to a peak, but there are other designs. Take the Step Pyramid at Saqqara for example which was designed by Imhotep, it is said to be the first ever large stone structure in history having been built around two thousand six hundred and fifty years BC. It is called the step Pyramid because it sides appear to be stepped, but in fact it’s a series of six rectangles built one on top the other with burial chambers set deep underground cut into the rock. Another shape of pyramid is the Bent Pyramid at Dahshur, which probably started out in the traditional shape, but as it was being built, they realised the angle was too steep because cracks began to appear. So they lessened the angle of the pyramid as they continued to build, which is what makes it look bent.
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