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Roman baths

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of a Roman bathhouse and the various rooms and facilities available such as the palaestra or gym and the caldarium and frigidarium.


Ah, salve. I’ve just been to the bathhouse here in the camp. It’s not bad for what it is but I much prefer to visit the baths in town, the facilities there are so much better; you can honestly spend the whole day there. First you go to the apodyterium to get changed then you might go to the palaestra for a workout, maybe some weight lifting or fencing practice. After that you might relax in the steam room, we call this the laconicum and when you are hot and sweaty off to the pool for a swim. And it doesn’t stop there, I like the caldarium which is the hot room where you can have a good oiling down with scented oils and you can pay a slave to use a strigil to scrape off the dirty oil then off you go into the tepidarium to cool down. When all is done you can brave the frigidarium for an invigorating swim in the freezing waters. It’s great value, only a quadron to get in. Women pay four times what we do but that’s because they have the baths all to themselves in the morning when they are freshest, and kids go free that is when you can get them to bathe.
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