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Romulus & Remus

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the story written by Titus Livius about the origins of Rome; the story tells of twin boys and how they grew up they fell out which ended with Romulus killing his brother Remus

One story about Romulus and Remus was written by Titus Livius. The story tells of twin boys about to be put to death by drowning but the basket they were in floated away down the river before they could be killed. The basket was washed up on the shore further down the river where a she-wolf heard the twins crying and fed them on wolfs milk from her breast. Faustulus, the Kings herdsman, saw this and took them home to his wife who nursed the children and brought them up. Many years later after Romulus and Remus had grown up and had many adventures together they founded a settlement near the river Tiber. Sadly they could not agree on who should rule the new settlement so they each formed separate settlements Romulus went to the Palatine Hill and Remus to the Aventine. The story goes that Remus taunted his brother by jumping over the half built walls of his new settlement which so enraged Romulus that he killed his brother and threatened to kill anyone else who tried to do the same, and so Rome was born.
Roman priestess
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