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Royalist Soldier

60 second histories

This video covers:  The views of a Royalist Soldier and why he follows the King

I am what you might call a cavalier but in truth I’m simply a royalist loyal to our King and his cause. Who are we to question the one appointed by God to lead us, isn’t he our anointed King? I’ve never faltered in my faith unto God and my King but there are those in my village who regard him as a tyrant but not me. So when the call went up for volunteers to join his lordship’s troop I wasn’t going to stand idly bye. It seems like a war without an enemy as I know many on the side of parliament. Mind you, it is hard in the Kings army, often we’re short of ammunition and equipment, and we’re always short of food especially fodder for my horse and this is made even harder in the winter months when we’re often quartered in villages where the local folks are expected to feed and shelter us. We know they resent us being there and they often hide food and stuff from us so we have to carry out house searches and when we find things hidden away we punished those responsible.
17th Century
English Civil War
Civil War
Kings & Queens
Royalist Soldier
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