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Samuel Pepys: Great Fire of London part 4

60 second histories

This video covers:  Samuel Pepys explains how the fire got out of control and the failed attempts at fighting it

On my way to see the Lord Mayor, I made my way along the streets as best I could. There were people and animals loaded with extraordinary goods struggling to escape the fire and I saw sick people being carried in their beds. I found the Lord Mayor in Canning Street, he was exhausted and cried out “Lord what can I do? People will not obey me. I have been pulling houses down but the fire overtakes us faster than we can pull them down.” He demanded more soldiers and said he was going home to rest as he had been up all night. I walked home and witnessed people running and panicking, they had no equipment to fight the fire and put out the flames. Houses in the streets were built very close together, there were warehouses full of oil and brandy as well as other flammable things. In a bid to save their belongings people packed churches full of goods taken from burning houses.
17th Century
Great Fire of London
Great Fire of London
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Samuel Pepys
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