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Slave Capture

60 second histories

This video covers: How slaves in Africa were captured and by whom

I was a simple herdsman minding my own business when they came one night, when everyone in our village was asleep. I was woken by the bangs of their guns as they fired into the air and created panic. It was Arab slavers who had come for us, our King must have sold us into slavery. Well we wouldn’t go without a fight. I told my family to run into the bushes and hide and I grabbed my spear but as I left my hut I was clubbed over the head. I was dazed and bloodied but still conscious as they tied my hands. They’d caught my wife and children, I could hear them screaming, I called out to them but the slaver tied a rag around my mouth, gagging me. They fastened the strongest of us together; the little children were bundled up with rope and thrown up into the branches of a tree. That was the last I saw of my children.
British Empire
African slave
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