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Slave woman

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of a slave woman, a Celt who had been captured in England and was taken to Rome to serve as a slave

I’m not actually a Roman, I’m a Celt from Britain. I was taken from my village when the Romans invaded. The Centurion who captured me kept me for a while then sold me and I was taken to Rome on one of their ships. Because I could already speak Latin, the language of the Romans, my mistress paid a lot of money for me and she made sure I was looked after. My mistresses’ name is Domina, she likes me because I’m good at helping with her makeup and I’m very good at hairdressing. I also help her to get dressed, I suppose I am like her personal assistant except she owns me and I don’t get paid. Although my mistress is normally kind to me, I do have to be careful not to upset her because she has a frightful temper. I once told her that she had a grey hair, and well, she beat me black and blue and she had my hair shaved off and sold it to the wig maker! But that was a long time ago and Domina has told me that if I continue to be a good slave she may one day give me my freedom.
Roman slave woman
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