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Suffrage and WW1

60 second histories

This video covers:  The outbreak of war and women over 30 getting the vote.

At the outbreak of war in nineteen fourteen my daughter Christabel and I persuaded the WSPU to suspend our militant suffrage activities until the war had ended. So, a truce with the Government was established and we put the WSPU into action on behalf of the war effort. At that time I travelled to Canada and the United States to raise money and try to urge the US government to enter the war. I even visited Russia and gave speeches about continuing the war and on returning to England I was delighted to find that women’s right to vote was finally on it’s way to becoming a reality. The nineteen eighteen Representation of the People Act removed property restrictions on men’s suffrage and granted the vote to women over the age of thirty. This was, we believe, in recognition of the excellent munitions work carried out by women during the war.
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Suffragette Movement
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