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Thomas More’s execution

60 second histories

This video covers:  Thomas More’s execution together with that of John Fisher.

So it has come to this my last night on earth for upon the morrow I am to be executed, my head is to struck from my body for treason against the King. I was going to be hung drawn and quartered but the King has commuted my sentence to beheading. Oh my head will make a poor sight on London Bridge. But what of those poor souls before me three monks all found guilty of treason all, hung drawn and quartered, that was on the nineteenth of June and then on the twenty second my good friend John Fisher was beheaded at Tower Hill, he was Bishop of Rochester you know, and never a more devout Catholic would you find. What could he have done wrong you may ask? Well he sided with Queen Catherine, in fact he was her champion, but once the King had broken with Rome and placed himself as head of the Church of England John Fisher spoke out against him and refused to swear to the succession act.
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