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Victorian sport - football

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the many sports available to the Victorians, in particular football and the formation of the Football Association.

Because conditions for workers have improved lately I get Saturday afternoons off now and can think of nothing better than to spend it at a football match with my lad and my mates from work. Nowadays there’s so much sport to watch, not just football, but rugby and cricket, and you take that lawn tennis for the toffs, invented by Major Walter Wingfield, even women can play! Mind you they can play golf as well and even have ago at archery which is becoming ever so popular with the ladies, but for me its football! My team is Queens Park Rangers, and now that we have the FA cup things are really exciting, I just love a local derby with Crystal Palace. It normally costs a shilling each, but it’s money well spent if you ask me. When the Football Association was formed back in eighteen sixty three they laid down the rules of play and regulated the size of the pitch and goal posts and now the game is played in two halves I get the chance for a cup of tea and a pie at half time!
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