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Viking exploration

60 second histories

This video covers:  A look at the many lands the Vikings sailed to; where they raided, traded and explored with a focus on Iceland and the founding of Reykjavik.

I have sailed over so many seas to different lands I can hardly remember them all, I’ve also sailed along many a river to explore inland. The hardest voyage I ever made was across the North Atlantic into seas that were almost frozen in search of land to settle. You see our own land had become overcrowded and farmland was scarce, so we needed to settle abroad and find places where the land had plenty of water and good land to farm. My ancestor Ingolf from Norway went to Iceland. He built a farm in a place now called Reykjavik where he raised sheep. It’s a profitable settlement now where they farm, mine iron ore and fish the seas and it’s these goods that they trade and sell back to Norway. You see, that’s how things work; we settle new lands and then trade with them. I’ve traded with settlements in Ireland and England and even sailed down the rivers to Russia and the Black sea, why I have even sailed along the north coast of Africa.
Viking raider
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