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Was the British Empire a good or bad thing? P2

60 second histories

This video covers:  Raw materials from around the Empire helped fire the Industrial Revolution, this video takes a look at what was traded and with whom.

The many different countries that made up the Empire helped to fire the Industrial revolution by providing the raw materials needed in Britain to turn into manufactured goods. From Africa came gold and diamonds to be turned into jewellery that was sold not only in Britain but also around the world. Cotton, corn, vegetable oil and copper was also sent from Africa. Raw materials also came from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, oh and don’t forget it was India who gave Britain its cup of tea. Food was imported from around the Empire as well, which helped to feed the growing population in Britain many of these Britain’s would in turn emigrate to different parts of the empire in search of a new life. This often led to conflict between the peoples who already lived there and the new settlers, there was always competition for land and it was often the natives who lost. War was a constant threat within the Empire, as its indigenous peoples fought for their independence, not everyone wanted to be part of the British Empire.
British Empire
British Empire
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