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Weapons - bayonet & pistol

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of one of the oldest weapons still in use, the bayonet and how it was used in close quarter combat and also the Webley revolver

Even as the war progressed and new weapons were being developed, old weapons were still used. One of the oldest weapons in use was the bayonet. This one is the nineteen o seven pattern British bayonet, it fits onto the end of the rifle like so and is used in close-quarter combat, to thrust, to slash, to block a blow from above or you can use the butt plate of the rifle to hit. Soldiers were trained in bayonet drill during their basic training and they continued to practice but it’s not until you have been in a fight you develop your own way of using it. Now some of you may have seen one of these, it’s a point four five five calibre Webley revolver, officers carry them. They’re straight forward to use; six bullets go in the chambers here, close it up pull back the hammer aim and fire, it’s not that accurate but good at close range, although there have been accidents when they have gone off unexpectedly (bang) Woops.
20th Century
WW1 British infantry soldier
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