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What happened after the Magna Carta was signed

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of how, after signing the Magna Carta, King John tried to renege on the terms which eventually led to the First Barons War

I was only seventeen when I married my husband William Marshal, he was forty-three. My husband is said to be the most trustworthy of knights, and with this I must agree. After the Magna Carta was signed dear William remained loyal to King John even when he asked Pope Innocent for help. It was the Pope who declared the Magna Carta “not only shameful and demeaning, but illegal and unjust”. The Pope then excommunicated the rebel Barons. Well, with the failure of any agreement coming from the Magna Carta, civil war broke out between King John and the Barons, this became known as the First Barons’ War. The war divided my family as our son chose to fight on the barons’ side, although he did later come back to stand by his father’s side. England was torn apart by that war which ended with the death of King John through illness. On his deathbed the King made my husband protectorate over his young son Henry the third, it was during this time that my husband resurrected the Magna Carta.
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