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What is a Timeline?

60 second histories

This video covers: A brief overview of a timeline, it's uses and how to make one.

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Have you ever heard of a timeline? It’s a line on which you can mark the beginning and end of a period of time, then mark off important dates and events along the way. The easiest way to imagine a timeline is to make one about your own life. So, you would start your line with the date you were born and finish it with today’s date. You might want to add a half-way point, so if you are ten years old, the half-way point would be your fifth birthday. You could then fill in the rest of the line with events that have happened in your life. If you were making an historical timeline it might begin at a time in history such as ten sixty six, the year of the Norman invasion, and go up to the present day. Along this line you might add events such as the year Henry the eighth came to the throne which was fifteen oh nine or the Great Fire of London which was sixteen sixty six. Timelines are a really great way of helping you understand what happened and when.
Victorian school teacher
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