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Which gods are which?

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the gods worshiped by the Romans, like Jupiter, king of the gods and Mars the god of war and explains that people made sacrifices to the gods

Jupiter is the king of all Roman gods, he is most powerful and rains down thunderbolts if he is displeased he is married to his queen Juno. Neptune is another very important god who is connected with sailors and fishermen because Neptune is the god of the sea. Then there is Apollo who is the god of the sun, his opposite is the beautiful Diana goddess of the moon. If ever you become a soldier then be sure to make a sacrifice to Mars, he’s the god of war but if instead, you’re looking for love, Venus the goddess of love is who you should look to for help, she is helped by Cupid the god of Love and if you need a message delivering quickly then you should ask Mercury for help as he’s the Messenger of the Gods. People visit temples to worship the gods and sometimes they make sacrifices or offerings of food or money. My temple here is the house of Vesta, this is a statue of Vesta, she is goddess of the home.
Roman priestess
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