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Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

60 second histories

This video covers: 

An explanation as to who the Egyptians were, when the era began and key points about this amazing civilization.

The ancient Egyptian civilization began around five thousand years ago when their first king, thought to be King Menes, united the kingdoms of upper and lower Egypt together. This civilization lasted over three thousand years. Egypt is situated on the south-eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, at the mouth of the river Nile. This great river runs right through Egypt making it a fertile country, good for growing crops. The ancient Egyptians worshiped many different gods and they built pyramids for their kings who became known as pharaohs. The Egyptians aren’t just famous for building the pyramids, which still exist today, but also for the way they mummified their important dead. Ancient Egypt was a stable place to live. Apart from the Pharaoh the most important people were the Nobles who were usually relatives of Pharaoh. Then there were priests and scribes, these being men who could read and write, followed by officials such as high-ranking men in the army. Then there were craftsmen and lastly farmers and slaves. Most people followed in their father’s footsteps and learned what their father did for a living.
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