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The Zulu Wars - part 1

60 second histories

This video covers:  An introduction to Zululand in Africa and its people.

The Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli says “the Zulus are a remarkable people, they defeat our generals; they convert our bishops.” Zululand in South Africa, is ruled by King Cetshwayo. It is a land of steep rolling grassland, which drops down into a sub-tropical coastal strip. There are many river systems that cut through the country making it a fertile land for raising cattle. Cattle are more than just a means of food to the Zulus they are a way of assessing wealth and status within their society. The Zulus are a brave people with their own way of life and traditions, at the centre of which is the army. Every young Zulu trains to become a warrior, they carry a large shield of hardened cowhide and a short stabbing spear called an assagi. They fight in strict battle formations within different regiments lead by their chief. They have been at peace with the British but with the discovery of diamonds at a place called Kimberly and the arrival of Sir Bartle Frere war has become inevitable.
British Empire
Zulu Wars
Red-coat soldier - Zulu Wars
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